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Could The Transition From Brick And Mortar Corporations To The Online Sphere Benefit The Environment?

Could The Transition From Brick and Mortar Corporations To The Online Sphere Benefit The Environment?

The environment is constantly hitting the headlines and rightly so. Whether it’s because of the plastic choking our waterways or record-breaking air pollution in our towns and cities, something has to be done to reverse the damage being caused, sooner rather than later. We have been very careful about this, you can click here to read and see the full solution we are adapting to solve this problem.

 Climate Change and Actions taken to Stop it

Then there is climate change that is altering environments on a global scale. The effects here are due to the amount of Co2 being pumped into the atmosphere. This is warming our climate and causing weather extremes across the globe.

Unfortunately, not all leaders around the world agree that this is what is fuelling climate change and not enough is being done on a global scale to prevent the devastating rise in temperatures. Instead, there has been an uprising of sorts from the public with such environmental movements as Extinction Rebellion making headlines regularly around the world.
Whether people agree with their methods or not, it certainly keeps bringing the environment into the forefront. We can all do our bit by recycling and decreasing our carbon footprints but what can large corporations do to aid the environmental cause?


Corporations and The Environment

It is thought that just 100 or so companies are responsible for over 70% of global emissions. With this staggering figure in mind, it is only a sea change within these corporations that can really reverse climate change or stabilize it.

Apart from corporations doing the obvious and running a green business that includes recycling and even solar-powered energy production, they could move parts of their operations online. An obvious starting point would be to move part of the workforce online and this would allow individuals to work from home. This obviously cuts down on the numbers of people driving to and from offices.

Transition towards Online Services

Offices would not be needed and this would cut down on business costs and the use of air conditioning, heating and electricity. That is why new eletronic devices have been invented. Fewer commuters come with fewer cars and reduced congestion. This, in turn, would lower traffic fumes and pollution.

The same can also be applied to retail. If a large section of a retail business becomes an online entity, then there are fewer trips to stores and this again helps reduce transport pollution.
However, there is a downside to online shopping and this is that goods need to be delivered to customers. This leads to more vans and lorries on the road. This can of course be mitigated by grouping all deliveries in a local area into single multiple deliveries and greener vehicles would also help too.

Packaging increases with online companies that sell goods to consumers, but there is recyclable material that decreases waste and the environmental damage that is linked to such materials.

Final Thoughts

Running a sustainable business is the obvious way to a more environmentally friendly corporation, whether in e-commerce or bricks and mortar form.
It is not possible for all businesses to be online, but certain sectors of any company can utilize the internet and reduce the stress on our ever fragile environment.

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